Kathleen Kelly embarked on a second career as a fitness instructor in her late 50s, and was certified as a Personal Trainer by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) with subsequent certification as a Senior Fitness Specialist. She teaches group fitness classes in Oakland, CA that combine cardio, strength, and balance exercises, and always conclude with stretching, to enhance flexibility.  The impetus for leading Senior Fitness Classes came from her 80-year old mother, who remarked that although many seniors are in much better shape than in previous eras, fitness classes have not evolved to fit their needs.  While many people remain very active into their 80s and 90s, most “senior” classes seem geared to relatively low-mobility people. So, active 60-80 year olds often have to choose between strenuous classes for younger people, where they risk injury or more sedentary classes for people their age.  Kathleen’s classes offer an alternative that satisfies active older adults, but also offers safe exercises and modifications for any of the myriad “issues” we seniors have earned. 

 Kathleen regularly witnesses the positive improvements that a regular exercise routine brings to the lives of her senior clients, both physically and emotionally. Clients are thrilled to find out, for example, that they are no longer considered pre-diabetic because their numbers have improved dramatically after six months in her class; or they find that when they return for a high-school reunion, they are in such good shape that their friends ask for their secret!  She has experienced these benefits personally, after recovering from a knee-replacement with relative ease and in record time.

Kathleen’s passion is music, which plays an important role in her life, and she finds really helps to motivate her and others in her classes.

Fun Trivia: Kathleen Kelly and Clarice Cummins are good friends in real life :)