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About This Program

Who Should Do This Program: 

  • People who have experienced lower back pain 
  • People who are suffering from sciatica pain (which could be several different conditions)
  • Those who have been diagnosed with Osteoarthritic changes
  • Those who’ve experienced a bulging, herniated or slipped disc, or stenosis 
  • Anyone who wants to avoid these uncomfortable issues from occurring

This program is safe and effective for everyone. 

This program teaches you to activate your core muscles naturally in your daily life. This will help improve your posture and avoid injury while performing every day, functional activities.

Much like the trunk of a tree, our core muscles  - our "trunk"- support our moving arms, legs, neck, and head for long periods of time -- hopefully giving them a stable base of support to prevent injury. When these muscles have low endurance, it can lead to back pain, muscle spasm, bulging or herniated discs, or injury to our arms, legs, and cervical spine.

With This Program You Will:

  1.  Increase muscular endurance of the core muscles
  2. Learn to maintain a neutral spine during repeated forward flexion, loading, and strengthening exercises. This prevents the backward bulging of the discs, which can lead to injury
  3. Improve spinal disc and height simply by exercising in a horizontal position 
  4. Regain quality of life by getting rid of the back pain 
  5. Prevent back injuries and spinal conditions from occurring 

How to Approach This Program: 

As with any exercise program, you need consistency to achieve and maintain results. Do it 5 times/week to improve, and 3 times/week to maintain back health. 

To learn more about Spine and Back Health, please read my blog:

    Clarice is a Physical Therapist with advanced training in Spinal Health and Wellness. She started out as a Neurological PT and later switched into sports orthopedics; she combines the best elements of both in her programs. She loves adding balance, coordination or agility challenges to strength training to make exercise more functional and true to life.  

    Challenge Groups

    Some Programs will include FREE Challenge Groups. Think virtual coaching designed to help you stay on track and get results: daily tips, exercises, helpful information, and more, via email and text. Plus, being part of a supportive community with folks pursuing the same goals. Sign up, and we’ll alert you when the Challenges are released. It's free!