There are many physical components to Balance, and there are many factors that can lead to its loss. This program is designed to train all the Sensory Inputs important for Balance:

This series of exercises will challenge you with both static and dynamic balance activities.

With This Program You Will:

How To Approach This Program:
We recommend that you start with Balance Class 1. Do it two to three times a week until you feel confident and comfortable with every exercise. Then move on to Class 2, and do it two to three times a week to improve balance. To maintain Balance, alternate Class 1 and Class 2 once a week.

To read more about the factors that play a role in Balance, go to out blog.


Laura Burkhardt is a certified personal trainer with 18 years of experience in the fitness industry. She is certified through the American Council on Exercise, Foundation Training, and holds YMCA certifications in Core Muscle Training and Advanced Strength Training. Her specialty is in core strength and balance development for older adults.

She has been a dedicated exerciser and outdoor enthusiast for most of her life. These interests have kept her active in running, biking, and strength training, and inspired her to reach the peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa.

Laura strongly believes in orienting every aspect of her life towards the pursuit of a healthy mind and body and feels lucky to be able to share her passion with clients in a way that meaningfully changes lives.

Whatever their fitness goals, from improving general health, sports performance, weight loss, or the other myriad benefits of exercise, Laura is dedicated to helping her clients succeed. 

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