Strength training using resistance can not only prevent, but significantly improve muscle mass at any age and fitness level. It also increases bone density, mitochondrial density (mitochondria are the organelles that produce energy in our bodies), metabolism, and longevity as explained at length in this blog post.

This program consists of three classes:

This program is especially effective as it utilizes Eccentric and Isometric exercises, the training protocols proven to significantly increase the effectiveness of strength training. Eccentric exercise involves slowing down the lowering phase of an exercise. Isometric training is when the muscles are producing force without movement.

With This Program You Will:

  1. Sculpt a strong, healthy, balanced body

  2. Train and activate your Glutes (muscles in our butt that are often switched off" from prolonged sitting")

  3. Improve muscle mass, mitochondrial density, and metabolism

  4. Improve bone density

  5. Gain better balance and functional movement

  6. Feel better and look better

How to Approach This Program:

We recommend doing these workouts 2 - 3 times per week. Once you are using weights of 10 lbs and heavier we recommend only 2 times per week. Key points to remember:

- Listen to your Body

- Go at your own pace ( you can always pause the video)

- Remember to breathe throughout the workout

- Have water with you

- Remember that every repetition counts

- Start with light weights and add more gradually

- Always strive for good form

- Have fun!


Liz Bradley is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer with 30 years of experience in fitness. She has a passion for learning all that she can about fitness and health. It has been a lifelong pursuit beginning in college.  She earned degrees in Physical Education and Dietetics and continues to learn with specialty certifications in Barefoot Training, Functional Range Conditioning, and Z-Health, in addition to certifications in cycling and pilates. 

Liz loves helping people increase their fitness and overall health at any age. She feels fortunate to be able to help others improve their overall quality of life.

Liz Bradley