Have you ever seen a stiff and clumsy dancer? Probably not.

We are publishing the warm-up and conditioning parts of our BellyDance Fit series as separate classes for those looking to get the benefits of dance without necessarily learning the dance moves.

These short conditioning workouts will help with Mobility, Joint Health, as well as Functional Movement and Balance. Being dynamic, they offer a perfect way to jump-start your day or warm up before any type of exercise.

Why should you care about Mobility?

Mobility refers to our bodies’ ability to move freely and with control, through its full range of motion.

Decreased mobility (movement restrictions and limitations) leads to compromised movement, body imbalances, injuries, and pain. Mobility is the key ingredient in our overall health as well as athletic performance. It is especially important to maintain mobility and range of motion as we age.

Mobility is equally important for athletes. Having a larger range of motion within a joint allows for the muscle to work properly at its full capacity, increasing strength and athletic performance.

Mobility is your key ingredient to maximizing your performance, avoiding injuries and moving pain-free.

Add these short workouts to your weekly routine to help you move freely and gracefully, and live pain-free.


Jill Parker is the founder of the modern Tribal Fusion belly dance phenomenon, birthed out of San Francisco California in the mid-90's.

With nearly three decades of experience, Jill has trained the top belly dancers in the genre and influenced a generation of belly dancers with her modern innovations, all the while remaining deeply rooted in her connection to the traditional, sensual, and authentic.

Jill's big heart and deep love for this intoxicating form shine through in her generous teaching as well as her knockout performances worldwide.

She's an exceptional teacher with a gift for demystifying this intricate dance, making it accessible for new dancers, and offering insights for refinements and nuance to even the most seasoned professional dancer. Jill uses creative self-expression to promote health, encourage self-care, relieve stress, and build self-esteem.

Jill Parker


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