Slow Motion Outer Space Technique, Isometric Holds, and more!

There are many ways you can build muscle in your body. Staying strong as you age is one of the key factors in remaining active and being able to do all the things you want and need to do. Yoga just happens to be a very good choice! In my video session “Yoga for Strength”, I will introduce to you 3 ways to do just that through:

1) Dynamic Movements

2) Slow-Motion Outer Space technique 

3) Static Holds 

Each one has the potential to add a different quality to your strengthening goals.

By moving dynamically in and out of poses, you exercise your muscles by actively contracting and shortening and then actively lengthening the muscles, using what is technically known as concentric and eccentric muscle contractions- a great way to start the strengthening process.

The Slow-Motion Outer Space technique is something I started using once I discovered studies from sports physiology that pointed to the effect of slow lengthening muscle contracts, the eccentric ones, on building muscle very effectively. We will slow our transitions in and out of poses way down to increase the work of the muscles even more- imagine exercising on Jupiter or the Moon.

And last but not least, I will have you hold the yoga poses for 30 seconds or longer to take advantage of the muscle strengthening effects of isometric muscle contractions. To that, we will add active muscle contraction, in which you consciously add more firming action to the muscles throughout the body, as you hold the pose steady. Together, this triple team of techniques will not only have you feeling stronger, but will help you maintain your newfound strength over time!

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- Baxter Bell, MD


Baxter Bell, MD, has been actively deepening his understanding of the power of yoga since making the stress-reducing move from a career as a busy family doctor to that of a yoga teacher and medical acupuncturist.

Baxter is a co-author with Nina Zolotow of the new book Yoga for Healthy Aging. 

Baxter’s teaching has been influenced by the many gifted teachers he has studied with over the years, including Rodney Yee, Patricia Walden, Erich Schiffmann, Richard Rosen, Mary Paffard, TKV Desikachar and Donald Moyer.

Baxter is a featured presenter and has therapeutic yoga classes on the website Yoga U Online as well as in Yoga Journal’s DVD, Yoga For Stress, and has written articles for yoga publications such as Yoga Journal and the International Journal of Yoga Therapy. Baxter is involved in the integration of therapeutic applications of yoga with Western medicine and presently serves on the board of the International Association of Yoga Therapists.

Baxter Bell, M.D.


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