The First (Beginner) Class in the Back Health and Core Stability Series. Duration - 15 Minutes.

Recommended Equipment: yoga mat, a light weight (or water bottle), and a looped elastic band (optional).

Do this class until you can hold the modified plank for at at least 60 seconds. Then move on to Class 2. Typically, it takes a few weeks.

For a full description of the Back Health and Core Stability Program, including who should benefit from it and how, visit Program Page:


Clarice is a Physical Therapist with advanced training in Spinal Health and Wellness. She started out as a Neurological PT and later switched into sports orthopedics; she combines the best elements of both in her programs. She loves adding balance, coordination or agility challenges to strength training to make exercise more functional and true to life.  

Clarice loves sports and has a background in running, dance and collegiate swimming. Those who know Clarice in person can attest that this Irishwoman has a big warm personality, and is a lot of fun! She says: 

"I’m passionate about figuring out the human body and how to help my clients reach their full potential.  I love teaching my clients how to use foam rollers, stick rollers, acupressure balls, and both dynamic and static stretching to assist with fascial and connective tissue release and flexibility training.  I’m a sound believer in the importance of a strong core and see it as the foundation or tree trunk of the body-giving the spine the tremendous stability it needs so the arms and legs can move freely and with better agility and ease.  

 I’ve been a Physical Therapist for nearly 30 years and absolutely love it!  I’ve had the pleasure to work with people from all walks of life including artists, farmers, policemen, firemen, NFL Players, burn victims, neurological clients, Olympians, total knee and hip patients, cystic fibrosis clients, and grandmas. Seeing their health and quality of life improved through exercise gives me immense satisfaction, and motivates me to do even more". 

Clarice Cummins, P.T.

Back & Core, Class 1 - Beginner (15 Minutes)

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